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Guillermo and Matt met as graduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder while conducting construction productivity research under their PhD advisor, Dr. Paul Goodrum. After developing an Artificial Intelligence-based prediction model and associated web application for the Colorado Department of Transportation—which has been highly successful and deployed throughout the state—they launched Construction Data Services to continue developing data solutions for construction organizations.


Guillermo Nevett
Founder, CEO


After getting his degree in civil and structural engineering, Guillermo began his career in construction with a successful business in Venezuela. Soltec NPN specialized in custom structural demolitions. During this period, while he oversaw the growth of business in a niche market, he began to focus on productivity and methods of improving the flow of construction projects. This ultimately led him to pursue a PhD in construction engineering and management under Dr. Paul Goodrum’s supervision, a well-known productivity scholar.

Guillermo is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research in construction productivity covers productivity trends, duration estimation for construction projects, civil infrastructure management (CIM), and cost estimating methods for highway construction. Among his most recent projects, he co-created a powerful tool to estimate duration of highway construction projects for Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). This tool uses machine learning to produce accurate early stage estimates. It was during the creation of this tool that the partnership between Matt and Guillermo developed. The collaboration between Matt and Guillermo led to the creation of Construction Data Services, a consulting firm focused on maximizing the productivity of the construction industry.


Matt Sears, EIT
Founder, CTO


In 2012, Matt was a construction project manager, and he spent the majority of his free time teaching himself web development in order to build an app to organize and automate much of his company’s daily administrative work. Matt’s supervisors recognized his passion for bringing the industry up to technological speed, and in 2013 they appointed him head of a “Cloud Task Force,” where he was responsible for guiding their organization into the era of PDFs and cloud technology. Over the years, Matt has continued honing his software development skills, and he enjoys keeping current with the latest cloud, web, and mobile technologies.

Matt went on to practice civil engineering before accepting an offer from the University of Colorado Boulder to complete a PhD studying construction productivity. During his time at CU, Matt has been able to weave his software development interests into his work. To support his research, he’s developed several web apps, including Artificial Intelligence-based prediction tools, and an app for conducting Delphi studies. Matt has also become an expert in eye tracking technology, which is the primary focus of his research. Matt’s colleague, Farzad Minooei, introduced him to the construction industry’s current shortage of skilled construction craft workers, and today, Matt’s primary interests lie in the improvement of construction productivity through both technology and the recruitment of young people into the industry.




In order to offer a personalized experience for our clients, we team up with industry and academic advisors as part of each project. The combined expertise of our advisors offers a wide range of industry and academic experience. This provides different problem solving approaches that result in unique and ideal solution

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Matthew R. Morris, P.E., LEED AP

Industry Advisor

As a registered professional engineer with extensive experience in many aspects of the engineering and construction industry, Matt Morris is a useful resource when it comes to providing professional advice to Construction Data Services.  Morris got his BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. Combining his experience as a civil engineering officer in the US Air force and as a PM for a large general contractor, Morris has led over 160 projects totaling almost $1B. Morris is also experienced in the teaching aspect of the construction industry, with experience as a professor of the United States Military Academy at West Point, the University of Colorado Boulder, and Colorado School of Mines. In these institutions, Morris has taught almost 2,000 students over 16 different construction related courses. Morris is also the founder of Construction Education, a Veteran Owned Small Business that teaches online courses to prepare workers for construction careers.